Parker Luchetti Harrington

Kaplan Twins PSA

Signature caftan created by and for people who make their own rules


“I’m just not that political.”

The Kaplan Twins initially found success following the sale of one of their paintings (a still from Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape) to PornHub. However, their success has not been limited to this singular act and the twins have a substantial, sustained following on social platforms (IG).

Their work “comments on pop cultures obsession with celebrity, fascination, and fantasies.” As modern pop artists of our time they create art explicitly for consumption and for engagement, one does not exist without the other, a mirror.

Although they paint, The Kaplan Twins are very much "millennial artists,” born out of and raised by the internet. I set out to reflect this in the technicolor, RGB, hyper-patriotic, “New Americana” palette of the visuals in this spot.

Pre to post in 7 days.

+ Creative Direction
+ Production Design
+ Art Direction
+ Styling

Yep, those are tide pods #memeculture #youthjokez