Parker Luchetti Harrington

Haunted Houses

Transforming a century-old barn in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts into an immersive, horrifying haunted house- two Halloweens in a row. 


The weekend of Halloween myself and a small group of unbelievably talented individuals gathered at a farm in Shelburne Falls, MA to create two haunted houses. In the same location each year, however, the entire experience and path of the viewer is unique.

How do you make a Haunted House?

In under 48 hours, transforming a century-old barn in rural Massachusetts into a beautifully horrifying experience—two halloweens in a row. 

+ A tiny budget
+ Limitless free labor
+ Constructing and styling 12-15 rooms, floor to ceiling
+ Designing costumes, lighting and a soundscape
+ Curating a complex narrative and brought that sucker to life
+ Professional actors and directors for rehearsing and directing
+ An initiation video for a fake cult
+ Great people who don't freeze to death when drenched in fake blood


The People's Progressive Network (2016)

The People's Progressive Network, the one true, pure haven.  A self-sustaining farm where you and other like-minded followers can gather as we discover enlightenment- far away from the corrupt forces of the world.

Join Us.


Year One: The Falls (2015)

Following a chemical catastrophe the world is left with few survivors. Those lucky enough to escape infection seek shelter in an abandoned barn. Meanwhile the infected begin to hunt. 


The Dream Team:

A HUGE thanks to: Lio Mehiel, Dennis Mehiel, Brandon Powers, Tristan Powell, Noon, Cathy Blewer, Heidi Hartwig, Rachel Birnbaum, Dulcinee DeGuere, Taylor Sweet and many more.