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Boys and Girls Club of America

Boys and Girls Clubs have helped put young people on the path to greatness and great futures for decades. 


What Is the National Youth of the Year Award?

For 70 years, the Youth of the Year program has honored and celebrated the nation’s most inspiring teens and their incredible journeys. Narratives of outstanding leadership, service, scholarly success and commitment make Youth of the Year America’s standout leadership and recognition program for teens.

These incredibly impressive young adults are an inspiration to us all, and BGCA is incredibly privileged to help them continue to grow.

+ Ad Campaign
+ Event Visuals

What Did We Set out to Accomplish?

  1. Showcase the legacy of leadership which the 70th Youth of the Year Program, the finalists and alumni embody while honoring BGCA’s current brand.

  2. Execute a strategic, cost-effective digital and social paid advertising campaign that increases awareness and engagement in the program.


Here's How:

1. Visual Identity, Campaign and Hashtag Theme

Visually, we wanted the campaign to embody the destined, distinguished and esteemed individuals that make up BGCA. 

In an effort to highlight the personal narratives and journeys of the finalists, we pursued high-contrast, dramatized photography in which the subject's is shown most often alone and looking directly at camera. 

Create a hashtag theme that captured the campaign:
"A Legacy of Leadership. A Future of Greatness."

rachel-barkdoll-179739-unsplash copy.jpg
Textural Element: Bokeh Lights

Textural Element: Bokeh Lights


2. Digital and Social Ad Strategy to Teen and Parent Audience Targets

This comprehensive advertising plan utilized YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter video ads 


3. Creative Execution and Optimizations of Paid Ad Efforts Across Platforms


Newsfeed Ads and Promoted Content

Video Ads


4. Facebook LIVE Content

Facebook LIVE provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the event in real time. This added an element of excitement, suspense and a more premium experience for those Club members and audiences tuning in virtually. Production, lighting and sound crews were brought in this year to help produce a dynamic, fun and valued experience. 


Additional Media and Video Production


The Event and Award Ceremony

© Tony Powell.

© Tony Powell.

© Tony Powell

© Tony Powell


Project Lead: Gaelen Bell