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Hilco Global

Hilco Global discovers monetary solutions for companies in unprecedented, unique situations. Their professional advisors excel at handling all aspects, offering your business asset valuation and monetization as well as advisory services.


What Is Hilco Global? 

Hilco is a company which specializes in asset valuation, advisory, monetization, and liquidation.


What does that actually mean?

They handle a lot of unusual, large-scale problems for their clients.

On top of that, Hilco isn't usually permitted to name their most notable successes. Large companies aren't in the business of marketing their missteps. Which is one of the greatest challenges in communicating what it is they do to our C-Suite audience.

You need to sell 10 outdated metal stampers? Find yourself responsible for 7,000 collared shirts in a color that just went out of style? Got an entire commercial stockpile of VHS tapes? Whatever— Hilco knows what to do, and how to make YOU look good in the process. To put it simply, Hilco makes your company's unideal situation as positive and profitable as possible.

+ Ad Campaign

Trade Magazine placement

The audience for this campaign is very specific. C-Suite managers who are responsible for the livelihood of a large-scale operation. Those that find themselves in relatively challenging and foreign situation where they (and the company) need to come out on top.

Hilco has the answer.




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